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If you are eligible and have not yet received your booster vaccine, please email vaccine@ru.ac.za to make a booking and once you have had your booster, email your updated vaccine certificate to vaxreg@ru.ac.za for students and vaxstaff@ru.ac.za for staff.

If you test positive for COVID-19, you must inform Human Resources (staff) or your warden (students).

Wearing of masks
While there is no longer a requirement to wear a mask at all times while inside a public building, it remains sensible to continue to do so. Here are some guidelines that will help with that.
You no longer have to keep your mask on at all times while inside, giving you the right to remove your mask while on your own in your office. However, it is both sensible and respectful to continue to wear your mask when you are in close proximity to others. Now that the restrictions on the size of gatherings have been lifted, you should still consider wearing your mask while in meetings, lectures, practicals or other face-to-face activities. This is especially true if you are showing any Covid-19 symptoms.
It is now once again legal for people to consume refreshments inside a building, for example, in the tearoom. However, it makes sense to continue to ensure that there is good ventilation. If you remain concerned, a good option is to wear your mask while you make your tea or coffee and then either drink it outside (preferable) or in your office (this is now allowed).

"With the restrictions lifted, the responsibility for the prevention of a resurgence of the disease now rests with each of us. It requires that we act sensibly, understand the risks and do what we can to minimise them." - President of South Africa - Mr Ramaphosa.

Vaccinate to protect yourself, wear a mask to protect others.