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Frequently Asked Questions - and the answers
Question: Why does this website look like a complete mess in my browser?

Answer: The most likely reason is that this website makes use of markup (HTML5 and CSS3) that only the latest browsers can render properly. Please update your browser to see this site correctly (updating your browser to the latest level is also a good security practise).
Question: Why do I have a horizontal scrollbar? It makes navigating the site difficult.

Answer: You are most likely running a screen resolution with a width less than 1440 pixels. This website expects a screen that has 1440 or more pixels available for the width.
Question: When I try to access a portion of your website I get a message that I have to sign in. What is my username and password?

Answer: You have tried to access a portion of the site that is linked to a site that requires a login. This could be our GSuite for Education domain or one of the software portals. If you are a member of our organisation and do not know your username and password, please contact our support team. If you are external to our organisation and require access, you will need to sign up for a GSuite account and then let us know what email address you have used for the GSuite account and we will then be able to add you to the permission group that permits access to the sites that may be applicable to you.